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Sassy will be missed by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu Sassy will be missed :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 1 0 Modeling....... by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu
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Modeling....... :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 0 0
license plate OTP by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu license plate OTP :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 0 0 Untitled by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu Untitled :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 1 0 My Character Luna by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu My Character Luna :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 0 0 Feeling Pretty by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu Feeling Pretty :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 0 1 Baby on a journey by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu Baby on a journey :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 1 0 All in one by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu All in one :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 2 0 Down the Rabbit Hole by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu Down the Rabbit Hole :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 1 0 Elves vs Wizards by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu Elves vs Wizards :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 0 0 Card by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu Card :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 0 0 Para Para Dance Group by LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu Para Para Dance Group :iconlunapeacemakerharu:LuNaPeAcEmAkErHaRu 0 0


Wes X Reader: Shape Up, Cutie (Request!)
“Well, it looks like Wes is our loser and (y/n) is the champion! Go ride him, (n/n)!”
You gave a generic wink to the camera, laughing with everyone else. You had decided to join the Smosh Games crew for the Shape Up gamebang, and you were honestly having a blast. With a (f/c) tanktop and a pair of Smosh sweatpants, you managed to crush the boys at nearly every challenge, yet that wasn’t unexpected. You even managed to take down your giant of a boyfriend, Wes, putting him in the loser pavilion on the first round. You didn’t mind, though, for the idea of sitting on his back while he did pushups sounded like the most fun thing ever. So, easily taking a seat on his back and carefully wrapping your legs around his neck, you playfully smacked the back of his head.
“Onward, my steed!”
He laughed, easily lifting himself up. You quickly grabbed onto his shirt as a yelp escaped your mouth. You nearly fell backwards onto his legs, a girlish scre
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 63 26
    If you looked around the Smosh Games Headquarters during a Game Bang, everything would seem okay. Matt Sohinki would be schooling everyone, no matter what game it was. Mari Takahashi would probably be in last place, but smiling. David Moss, aka Lasercorn, would be pulling out his raptor claws at any given moment. Joshua Ovenshire, or Joven, or Jovenshire, if you were one of his close friends, would be making an inappropriate comment about whatever it was they were discussing. Ian Hecox would be making ‘Iancorn’ jokes, and Anthony Padilla would be chatting aimlessly about Nintendo games, even if they weren’t playing them.
     Today was no different. They had played WWE ’13 again, this time as divas. The teams had been Marhinki, Lasershire, and Ianthony. This combination just happened to be a lot of peoples’ favorite and many were pleased.
However, appearances can be very deceiving and as Ian walked up the front steps to his hou
:iconwalkingonfirex:WalkingonFirex 4 0
Joven's Birthday girl. ReaderXJoven
"Jesus Joven! What the hell did you do?!" I yelled.
"Hey Y/N! Uh, happy birthday?" he tried. I looked around his kitchen which had cake batter everywhere. Especially on his face. I smiled at him,
"Thank you Joven, the fact that you tired to make a cake is really sweet."
"It took me five tries, but..." Joven opened the fridge and pulled out a bare chocolate cake.
"I just got it out of the oven a few minutes ago so I had no time to clean up the kitchen and ice it." he mumbled.
"Awe, Joshua. You really didn't have too." I blushed. "Let me help you clean up." I offered.
"No, you're the birthday girl-"
"Yeah, im gonna help anyway." I walked up to him and wiped some batter off his cheek.
"You need it." I laughed. He blushed slightly.
"thank you." We spent the next hour cleaning the kitchen, blowing bubbles with the dish soap and Joven fell on his ass from the floor slippery. He pulled out the cake and a few different icings.
"Which one?"
"Can we eat the rest of whatever is left of the icing?
:iconpandalovemcr:PandaloveMCR 20 1
Maybe So - Lasercorn x Reader Oneshot
You laugh and throw your head back, your fingers mashing the WASD keys on your keyboard, the bottle you were controlling whizzing out the room. You and a couple other youtubers were playing Prop Hunt for a video. Glancing at your other monitor where the Skype call between you, Lasercorn, Jovenshire, and Wes, you notice that they hadn’t given any sign that they were aware of your escape. You smirk and speak into your headset, talking to the hunters,
“Lasercorn. Joven.” You say.
“What? You ready to give up (y/n)?” Lasercorn half-yells in response.
Your grin grows wider, “Not quite. In fact, I left the room you two are looking through right now.”
“What?!” You hear Joven shout, “Aw come on! When did you leave?”
Wes’s laugh rang throughout your headset, “She left, like, awhile ago.  She just went in between your legs.”
Lasercorn looks to the left, where Joven’s desk is located, “Joven! My go
:icontheneonzelda:theneonzelda 97 17
Game Bang! - Smosh Games x Reader [Request]
“Game Bang!” you shout, your brow furrowed and your hands in a fist. You sat to the far right, close to the wall and the little toys found around the office and placed on set. You looked over at Anthony, who was introducing the video, “Hello everyone, and welcome back to some Towerfall!” he said to the camera, “and Mari has never played this game before, so-“ he turned his head to face you, his face showing fake-shock, “Wait a second, you’re not Mari!” he said, pointing at you. The four other guys made sounds of disbelief, and you shrugged and replied back, “Really? I hadn’t noticed.”
Ian turned his attention to the camera, “Mari is out celebrating her anniversary, so we had the lovely (y/n) here to fill in for her, from the channel (c/n).” You smiled and waved at the camera, “Hello everyone!” you exclaimed. You spoke to the guys on your left, “So, Sohinki, what’s today’s p
:icontheneonzelda:theneonzelda 121 12
Laziness~ Lasercorn X Reader
"Die you zombie scum!" You yelled as a Tank came down trying to kill Zoey.
"Dammit Zoey, you're always fucking dying!" You sighed as you ran to the safe room. Not caring if Zoey did die. As you put down your game controller you heard your phone vibrate on your desk. Being extremely lazy- as most gamers are, you tried to use the force to bring your phone over to you, when that didn't work you sighed and got up, picking up your phone.
"Hello?" you asked.
"Hey, Y/N." you heard your friend Lasercorn greet.
"Oh hey! What's up?" you smiled,  sat on your desk and swung your legs.
"Yeah, we are going to be filming a grand theft smosh episode but we are one short, would you like to join us?" You pondered for a second before nodding.
"Sure I'll be there in a few."
"Okay! Uh, see you then." You said your goodbyes and hung up. You grabbed your keys and turned to say goodbye to your dog (Y/D/N). You quickly got into your car and drove to the studio. You parked and got out, walking into the bui
:iconpandalovemcr:PandaloveMCR 30 0
Mature content
Broken hearts ~ Mari X reader smutt :iconpandalovemcr:PandaloveMCR 19 0
The princess and the Gamer Sohinki X Reader
SohinkXreader enjoy!
Your pov
"Y/N," My cousin Anthony cheered as he walked into the studio as my band looked at him weirdly. He brought the whole Smosh games crew, sure the studio was big and it was an open performance, I just never thought they would come since my band is a screamo band. (Sorry if you don't like that type of music)
Today we were doing our own cover of Iggy Azalea's Black widow
"Hey Ant!" I hugged him, he hugged back and I looked at the rest of the crew.
"This is my cousin (Y/N)." He introduced me to the rest of  the crew.
"I know your names, Anthony doesn't shut up about you guys." I said as Anthony rolls his eyes.
"You didn't tell us that your cousin was so attractive." Joven said, I smiled
"Thanks, looks run in the family." I fixed my bangs and Mari pointed at my wrist.
"Nice tattoo." She said, I looked at my wrist and looked at my "Love" tattoo.
"Oh, Thanks." I looked over at her and pointed at her red hair.
"It looks nice on you." I said, she smiled at me.
:iconpandalovemcr:PandaloveMCR 41 4
Puppy love~ Lasercorn X Reader
A/N: Hey guys so I realized a lot of fan girls are usually under aged but not by much so your are your own age and your an intern, who the crew grew close too. If you don't like that Idea im telling you now so you can leave if you are staying ...  xoxo ~enjoy
Anthony's POV
I walked into the office building, running late as usual. Something seemed a bit odd today, kinda like I forgot something important. I walked down the hall, spotting (Y/N).
I greeted (Y/N) and she waved, not exactly looking the happiest. I walked over and sat next to her,
"Hey, what's wrong (Y/N)?"
"Nothing," she replied.
"There has to be something." she shook her head and continued to work on her stuff. I pulled out my phone to text Ian when I saw my reminder, It was her birthday today!
"Well, happy birthday." I rubbed her shoulder.
"you remembered?" she asked hopeful.
"Yeah, of course. Just wait, I got something planned." she looked a bit skeptical but shrugged.
"You don't have to do anything."
"I want to." I
:iconpandalovemcr:PandaloveMCR 27 2
Firsts. | Matt Sohinki X Reader
"If the early bird catches the worm, the early Joven catches the blank." Sohinki recited. You grinned evilly and stifled laughter, placing a white card down on the table. Everyone else placed down their cards. Matt picked them up and started reading. "If the early bird catches the worm, the early Joven catches the Muhammad Ali," He furrowed his eyebrows. "That's weird. The early Joven catches the stray pube," He read through a few other cards, including yours, which was hilarious if you say so yourself. 'The early Joven catches the crippling debt.' But whatever. "If the early bird catches the worm, the early Joven catches the [First]." The group burst into laughter, you and Josh reddening simultaneously.
"Who put that one down?" You looked around the table.
"YODA!" Anthony yelled.
"You asshole, Yoda!" Joven yelled back. You locked eyes and smiled nervously. You felt every pair of eyes on you, waiting for a reaction. The entire cast shipped you and Josh. Well, save for one person.
:iconbloomingiris:bloomingiris 34 1
Lasercorn X Reader: Harley and Joker (Request!)
The Smosh crew all chuckled as they stood in their ridiculous yet brilliant costumes. Halloween was upon you and so was another Just Dance. Anthony started the intro, explaining the way things would go and the awaited punishment when he trailed off. Everyone stared in confusion as he glanced around the room.
“Where’s Lasercorn?”
At this, they all looked around for the orange-haired gamer. However, before they could pause the recording and go look for their friend, the door burst open, slamming against the wall ever so slightly. You walked in with your husband, your arm around his middle and a baseball bat resting on your shoulder. Blowing a bubble with the large wad of gum in your mouth, you simply smirked at your friends.
“Sorry we’re late.”
Mari whistled playfully as everyone did a onceover of you and David. You were in a couples costume, as promised: Harley Quinn and The Joker. He was decked out
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 17 4
Iceland XAbused!Reader Part 2 No Distance
IcelandXAbused!Reader Part 2 Family Matters
No Distance
Your time in Iceland so far has been amazing. Freedom and love was all you ever wanted, and here, here you had that. Emil was as amazing as you had dreamed. Always caring, always sensitive to your needs and emotions. He was perfect to you.
“(Name) are you ready for dinner?” Emil walked up to you as you worked on your hand-me-down sewing machine Emil had gotten for you.
“Yep.” You smiled cutting the thread and stashing your slightly secret project away out of sight. You headed towards him and he smiled matching yours.
“What are you working on in here?” He asked curiously as the two of you walked into the kitchen together.
“You’ll see when I’m done.” You said in a half teasing voice.
“Well alright then.” He chuckled lightly as he set some of the food onto the table. “I’m a patient man.”
You giggled a bit and sat down at the table about to fill
:iconminnibellsnow:MinniBellSnow 16 5
Iceland XAbused!Reader Part 1 No Distance
Iceland XAbused!Reader Part 1
No Distance
“You’re all set. Enjoy your flight.” The woman smiled sweetly at you. You were still in a slight trance as you nodded to and headed deeper into the airport. It was like you were floating, your head groggy and in need of something, anything. Water? Sleep? You didn’t know. But you headed deeper into the air port anyway.  
A couple of carryon bags, a wad of cash you had saved up, a credit card that was reaching its limit and a passport. That’s all you had on you.
You made it through security, then to your terminal. And soon enough you were on your flight making your way to Iceland. Why? Someone was waiting there for you.
“Odd..” You said examining the hand written envelope that was in your mail box. You went inside and opened it up, inside, a hand written letter from your long lost college pen pal from Iceland. Emil. You read his letter with tears in your eyes, it had been su
:iconminnibellsnow:MinniBellSnow 30 2
Switzerland XAbused!Reader SPECIAL PART
Switzerland XAbused!Reader EXTRA SPECIAL PART
Peace, Love and Rifles.
“Auntie Erica.” Two twin boys with blond hair and green eyes said innocently looking up at their aunt. “Were did momma and papa go?”
Erica smiled at them. “They went out for their anniversary. They will be back tomorrow afternoon.”
“So what are we going to do while they are gone?” One asked.
“Yeah, momma and papa usually help us with homework and we play games.” The other said.
“Well boys, I brought some movies, some games, and other activities for us for tonight! No worries!” She grinned. “Now, Vincent, go gather all the pillows and blankets you can, and Victor, go grab all the snacks out of the cupboards!”
“YES AUNTIE!” They shouted in excitement and ran to their destinations to get what they were told.
The plan was to go out for dinner right after you got to the hotel, but it didn’t quite happen t
:iconminnibellsnow:MinniBellSnow 42 5
Switzerland XAbused!Reader PART 3 FINAL
Switzerland XAbused!Reader part 3 FINAL
Peace, Love, and Rifles.
Vash’s eyes were wide with shock. You had mastered your pistol in the matter of days. Every time it was in your hands you had a look of pure determination in your eyes, who ever it was that hurt you so badly wasn’t going to go far thee next time you saw him, that is, if he even let him get that far.
You ran out of ammo and lowered the gun. Breathing heavily with adrenaline you emptied the chamber of the empty cartages. “You should give it a rest for now.” Vash said walking up beside you.
“Right..” You said setting it down taking a deep breath.
“I was thinking….” He started and you turned to look up at him. “I know you have been wearing Erica’s clothing for some time, and that you might want your own clothes, and other personal items…”
“Are you saying that I should go back to my house and get some things?”
“I am.” He said
:iconminnibellsnow:MinniBellSnow 39 7
Switzerland XAbused!Reader Peace Love and Rifles 2
Switzerland XAbused!Reader Part 2
Peace, Love and Rifles.
You had been at Vash and Erica’s home for about a week now. To Erica’s surprise her older brother wasn’t being his usual self around you. Usually he would want to be alone or in just her company, but now.. now it seemed as if he had someone else.
“Big brother.” Erica chimed. Vash looked up from his task of cleaning his rifle to give her a questioning look. “We should take (Name) to town.” She smiled.
“Why is that?” He asked.
“She’s been cooped up in the house for a while, I think she would like to go.”
Vash put his rifle on the table in front of him and set down his cleaning rag. “You really think she would want to go?”
Erica nodded. “I do!”
“Well, go tell her to get ready. We’re going into town.” He said cleaning up his mess on the table and putting his supplies away. Erica smiled and raced upstairs to find you.
:iconminnibellsnow:MinniBellSnow 46 5


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